Slowly and gradually, cities, states and countries across the world are recovering from the pandemic named COVID-19. We are now in the phase of ‘Unlock 2’, with our lives slowly resuming back to normal, but with caution. Although as per government regulations, strict lock down is to be followed in containment zones, many businesses have been given a green light in other non-containment zones. A restaurant is one such establishment. However, it is strictly advisable to practice safe hygiene wherever you are, to protect yourselves and your peers from COVID-19 and other diseases.

Here is a detailed list of practical ways by which restaurant owners and employees can practice safe hygiene, which is advisable to be strictly followed across various scenarios.


Social distancing is essential everywhere nowadays and it applies to restaurants as well. So, it’s a good idea to transform your restaurant and the overall dining experience to safeguard your customers and employees:

  • Reduce the number of serviceable tables to half of what it used to be before the lock down. You can do this by allowing diners to only sit at every other table. For example, if there are a total of 24 tables in your restaurant, it’s advisable to serve 12. 
  • Make sure that these alternate tables are adequately spaced from each other to ensure social distancing.
  • Place custom tent cards or stickers which would display ‘Do not sit here’ on tables which you do not intend to serve. 
  • You can even move the chairs away from these tables as well.
  • Use custom tent cards to ask customers to maintain proper hygiene while dining. Asking them to wash their hands before having their meals, is a start.
  • Ensure proper cleaning and sanitation of dining tables regularly.
  • Wash and disinfect all the ingredients properly before cooking.



  • Ensure that all employees who handle food and beverages sanitize their hands regularly.
  • Chefs and cooks must use gloves, hairnets, and masks while cooking.
  • Employees should wear proper face masks at all times.
  • To have proper communication between employees and with customers, make use of custom face tags for each employee.



Entry and exit points to the restaurant should be limited and patrolled ensuring that no one can get in the building without approval. The following practices can be followed:

  • Hand sanitizers or a facility to wash hands should be provided at the point where a person enters the restaurant. 
  • Sanitize and wipe all door handles frequently.
  • Measure the temperatures of everyone who enters the restaurant using contact less thermometers
  • Ensure that a kind act of service like opening doors for customers is done so that they wouldn’t have to touch any surfaces.



Washrooms are key areas where one needs to practice safe hygiene, and here are some tips which will help you to encourage your employees and customers to do so:

  • Place a bottle of liquid hand wash at every wash basin/wash station. Replace them frequently just before they run out of the liquid (less than 5mm from base)
  • Place one large-sized sanitizer bottle at the washroom door.
  • Reminders on hand washing/sanitizing technique with the help of posters and labels have become a necessity.
  • Do not turn on automatic hand dryers as you can transmit airborne infectious particles to your hands when you use them. If possible, remove them from washrooms and place napkin dispensers instead.